…God chooses to work through us as we work together. That’s why there’s nothing like the local church.

– Article found in The Christian Post

God, us, and the local church

I have a hunch that if every believer leveraged their gifts along with the other believers in their community there would in fact be a revival of epic proportion.

– Article found in The Christian Post

Epic Revival

The Grace of God

Grace is not reserved for good people; grace underscores the goodness of God.

-Chapter 3


     If you’ve followed me for some time you know what this blog is all about.  It’s not a personal blog.  I use it to post quotes from Andy Stanley’s books, sermons, podcasts, etc.  But I’m breaking the rules today.

     I have dear friends who have followed God’s leading to Kenya to build a ministry to marriages there and I want to introduce you to them.  They are the most humble and faithful people I know.  They have been an inspiration for my wife and I and many others, and now they are changing marriages in Africa.  Their names are Steve & Donna Taylor and their ministry is Kweli Moyo (which means “With a True Heart“).  I’m posting this today for a couple of reasons

  • To make you aware of their ministry.  Being a missionary is tough, raising awareness of your ministry is near impossible when your half way around the world.  I so believe in Steve & Donna that I want others to be aware of what they are doing and help them find the support they need.
  • To share with you a recent post from Donna’s blog Reaching for the Robe.  I think in reading this post you will see Donna’s heart and fall in love with this amazing lady.  I’ve posted a small section of the intro to the post in hopes that you will stop by her blog and read on, you will be glad you did and hopefully inspired to see your relationship with, and response to, God in a whole new way.

Thanks for indulging me in breaking my own rules, enjoy.

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance… Ecclesiastes 3:4

While little Grace was still in her mother’s womb, Jesus moved in beside her, into her mother’s soul. Just as if He wanted to be sure she felt Him near…

Abandoned by her earthly father, her mother wept over how she would ever be able to feed four little mouths on her own. Life for a single mother in Africa is like paddling upriver e-v-e-r-yday. There’s the stigma of society that silently taunts “why” do your children not have a father; there’s the struggle of putting a roof over their heads and food in their ever aching stomachs. Never-mind that the mother has remained faithful and had no power to hold the father to the place he should have stayed. So many things ache here. Mosquitos bring malaria. Bad water brings typhoid. Even the dirt here holds hidden parasites and jumping jiggers. But on that dirt dances a little girl who has mesmerized this writer with her worship.

Grace. She sparkles in a unassuming, silent way. She looks no different than all the others around her. Just one in a million of close shaved heads bouncing down a dirt road. But she is.

Her mother, Eve, shared with me once that she wondered at why God would choose to place one like Grace under her care. “What do you mean, Eve?”, I asked. “It’s just that Grace teaches me, but she has no idea all I learn from her.” And Eve began to share the holy-beauty of this little snaggle-toothed treasure. She said…continue reading

The Grace of God

Common sense argues that if bad behavior puts us at odds with God, then good behavior should fix things. Our natural inclination is to do something in order to regain God’s acceptance and approval. So throughout the history of civilization, people have devised every imaginable system and scheme to please their god or gods. But when the one true God initiated his relationship with mankind, it didn’t begin with a command; it began with an invitation: will you trust me?

– Chapter 2

Will You Trust Me?

The Grace of God

Hundreds of years before God gave the nation of Israel the Ten Commandments, God gave Abraham the gift of righteousness. His message could not have been clearer: the solution to sin was not rule keeping. If it had been, God would have begun the cleanup process with a list. Instead, he initiated a relationship. He asked an undeserving man to trust him. And when that man did, God gave him what he needed most and deserved the least— friendship with God (James 2: 23; 2 Chron. 20: 7). That’s amazing.

– Chapter 2

The Solution Was Not Rule Keeping

The Grace of God

This invitation for Abram to trust him was how God initiated their relationship….that’s exactly how God has been initiating relationships ever since.

– Chapter 2

How God Initiates Relationships